5 Non-Negotiables When Building a Food Processing Plant

Food processing plant design is a significant undertaking, one that has to devote plenty of time to the planning stages. While every processing plant is different, there are similarities that can be found in all successful ones. We’ll look at how to promote efficiency while remaining compliant with all USDA and FDA guidelines. Structural Panels Inc (SPI) wants to remind you of the must-haves for food processing plants.

Minimize Transportation

The amount of energy expended on transporting goods back and forth is truly astounding. It’s not only bad for the environment, it’s also bad for companies that want to protect their reputation (and ideally, their bottom line). The location of your plant should be as close as possible to raw materials. It should also be built near enough to emergency services (e.g., fire department, police, etc.).

High-Grade Equipment

A food processing plant is subject to intense pressure throughout the day. Multiply that pressure over the course of the year, and it’s easy to see how equipment doesn’t always last as long as owners originally thought. ISOWALL® panels are perfect if you’re looking for energy-efficient insulation for food processing plant design.

Ample Sanitizing Opportunities

More than ever, sanitization is the key to keeping customers and employees safe. Make sure there are plenty of stations where people can wash their hands and feet. There should also be a number of cleaning stations around the plant, where employees can find the cleaning equipment they need to take care of emergency spills quickly. Finally, make sure you’re investing in protective equipment for workers, so they’re less likely to track anything in (whether it’s on the bottom of their shoes or in their hair).

Durable Floors

Any cracks or gaps in the floor provide the perfect place for bacteria to grow. Make sure that your floors can handle the routine chemical cleanings, so you don’t have to worry about colonies forming right under your feet. As you plan the floors, think about how the layout will affect employees. There should be a logical flow to how they move in relation to their responsibilities.

Floor Drainage

In addition to installing the right floors, you’ll need a good drainage system to keep it dry. All fluids, be it water or another substance, can be the start of anything from corrosion to strong odors. Look for a modern drainage solution that will minimize maintenance and keep the floors as clean as possible.

Food Processing Plant Design

We know how hard it is to stick to a schedule when you’re trying to get a food processing plant off the ground. But this is how many of these non-negotiables are overlooked though. If you have questions about ISOWALL, we’re here to help. Our panels are made with a foam core with laminated sheet seals on both sides, and they’re an excellent choice to stave off contamination. In fact, our products are routinely trusted in clean rooms where there can be no room for error.