The Top 5 Sandwich Panel Design Options

Dec 17, 2018

Sandwich panels designed by a leading manufacturer provide the ideal performance for a range of applications. Their durability and design flexibility make the product a robust structural option. Once you’ve chosen the panel, it’s time to consider the available designs to use within your building. Our experts are known for their experience in the design process, so we’re highlighting five of the most popular design considerations for your benefit.  

Unique colours

Sandwich panels come in a range of unique colours and styles, making it easy to choose the right aesthetic fit for your business. Whether you prefer your walls to feature calming tones or lively reds and blues, you’ll find a range of design options carried by your sandwich panel manufacturer.

Connections to existing structures

One leading consideration when choosing sandwich panels is how the panels will be integrated within the facility. Insulated sandwich panels can be designed to connect with existing structures such as masonry and steel frames. This ensures your team doesn’t have to move vital structural elements to accommodate the new sandwich panels.

Architectural options

In your facility, you might have a significant requirement for surfaces that are completely flat, forcing the need for flush seams. This level of architectural detail can be achieved by choosing a customized sandwich panel through your local manufacturer. Ensure your manufacturer takes into consideration elements such as window design and framing when reviewing panel options.

Textured designs

Insulated sandwich panels are available both in their original flat form or with textured designs. An example of one of the most popular textured designs is the embossed steel panel, which can be found within cold storage facilities and other industrial properties.

Functional products

Functionality requirements are a leading consideration in choosing a sandwich panel. For example, many companies need sandwich panels to meet specific acoustic demands within their space to control sound transmission. But the panel can be easily customized according to the unique environmental considerations within your building.

Our Rockwall™ & Isowall® prefab sandwich panels are a superior energy efficient & economical insulation solution for any project. Contact us today to learn more about our technical capacity and services.

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  1. Looking for 21/2 ” to 3″ thick Sandwich Panels for pre-fabricated metal building in Barbados , West Indies approx. 30,000 sq.ft. roof and 25,000 sq.ft. sides or vertical .
    Interested in becoming an agent if pricing is right .

    1. Good morning Nick! Thanks very much for your inquiry. We’ll review your project details and get back to you via the email address provided with additional details and pricing shortly. We appreciate you reaching out to Structural Panels Inc. Thanks again, Lee

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