Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum lifters are devices used to transport insulated metal panels within a set area, such as a warehouse, lay-down area or manufacturing facility. Normally, heavy duty vacuum lifters are suspended from a hoist, forklift or boom arm by a hook or other attachment. The lifter’s suction devices are connected to the pump through a series of pneumatic tubes. These suction devices can be cups, pads or other shapes, and are manufactured from synthetic materials and from various metals, which provide the backing plate. These plates are fastened to various mating fixtures on the vacuum lifter frame, a unit generally consisting of a planar, sturdy metal body. The pump can be controlled automatically, manually or remotely, depending on the design of the lifter, and will create a partial vacuum between the cup/pad and the work piece when properly aligned. Once the seal between cup and work piece is of adequate strength, the unit and panel can be elevated and then maneuvered via the attached hoist or boom- often this will be a straight path along a horizontal arm. Vacuum lift forklift attachments are also used.

Full adherence to instruction manuals and SOP for each type of unit should be adhered to in order to prevent damage or injury. 

We have a number of vacuum lifters available for sale or for short-term/long-term rental. We’re also a licensed distributor for Wood’s Powr-Grip. Please contact us for pricing and availability.