A Guide to the Single Component System

The single component system is considered the leading option for installing structural insulated panels in a range of business environments. From company warehouses to food processing facilities, the single component system is utilized to ensure all environmental requirements are met. With over 30 years of experience Structural Panels, Inc. is a pioneer in producing structural insulated panels.

The benefits of the single component system;

Reduced installation time

One of the foremost benefits associated with the single component system is the reduced installation time. Multipart systems require double the installation time of single component products, which is why many companies are now switching to single component systems. Turning to single component options makes the scheduling process simpler for installation and helps reduce the costs associated with having a team of installers on-site.

Greater versatility

For companies to achieve a competitive advantage in their industry, it’s often important to design buildings according to strict requirements. It’s part of the reason many are now working with single component structural insulated panels. Single component systems offer superior versatility in terms of colour choices and design options. This can help ensure building owners achieve the ideal space for their operations over the years ahead.

Superior durability

Another consideration is the level of durability provided by single component systems. The one-time installation of single component structural panels certifies they’ll remain in the ideal condition for many decades to come. The systems are designed to protect against structural changes and weathering.

Effective insulation

Buildings that require sterility, such as food storage facilities, must use panels that provide comprehensive insulation. Single component products are ideal in this regard because the walls are airtight, meaning bacteria and other outside contaminants cannot make their way inside. The tight seal also provides exceptional energy-efficiency, keeping temperatures inside the building consistent for the optimal environmental performance.

Working with an experienced manufacturer of structural insulated panels can help you to find the right single component system for your building project. Our team at Structural Panels Inc. has over 30 years of experience in this area. To discover more about our work by calling us today.