A Guide to the Single Component System for Structural Insulated Panels

Choosing the right structural insulated panels for your facility can help to ensure the building performs effectively for your organization in the coming years. But in building the right structure, it’s also important to learn more about the materials and their value. Our team at Structural Panels, Inc. has many years of experience working with structural insulated panels, and below we’ve provided an overview of the products and their use as a building material.

What are insulated panels?

Insulated panels use metal skins and have a foam core for insulation. Their leading structural advantage is their lightweight performance. They also offer quicker installation times. Insulated panels are used in a range of building applications, from healthcare facilities to manufacturing plants. They’re also considered the best option for climate-controlled facilities such as food processing plants.

Customization value

A top benefit to working with structural insulated panels is the available customization options they provide. They have a range of customized styles and finishes that make them suitable for many types of building. For example, you can use structural insulated panels on flat surfaces where structural safety concerns are a consideration. You can also customize panels for use with existing infrastructure, connecting the panels to masonry and steel frames.

Use for ceilings and walls

Structural insulated panels can be used for both ceiling applications and structural walls within a building. They’re used for ceilings where companies require greater energy efficiency as the system is designed to seal air in and prevent leaks to the outside. For structural walls, insulated panels are used to minimize the cost of the installation process and ensure work is completed in a consolidated timeframe.

To discover more about Structural Panels, Inc. and the company’s range of products, call our offices today. Our experts can help you decide which style of panel best suits your property.