Why Insulated Wall Panels Are an Excellent Choice for Thermal Control

When you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for containing extreme temperatures within a building, whether hot or cold, what’s the best insulation solution?  For an increasing number of businesses, it’s insulated wall panels.

Insulated wall panels are distinguished from traditional wall materials by their construction.  These panels utilize a core of insulative foam surrounded by bonded metal panels.  Combined, these make for an excellent long-term thermal management solution, with numerous benefits over more traditional types of insulation.

Five Major Benefits to Insulated Wall Panels

  1. Longevity

Thanks to the metal panels on either side of the foam core, these wall panels are extremely durable and long-lasting.  Under typical usage scenarios, they can be expected to last the lifetime of the building! Only the most extreme incidents can damage them.

  1. Match the panel type to your needs

Depending on whether you’re creating a hot room or a cold room, there are different types of foam cores available based on the temperatures involved.  Further, the core can come in a wide range of thicknesses, increasing thermal resistance at a minimal extra cost. For example, our thickest fire-treated panels can entirely contain a fire for three hours!

  1. Versatility in usage

Insulated thermal panels are best deployed in areas which need to be kept particularly hot or cold, but they don’t have to be.  They’re an excellent choice for managing and maintaining any temperature, or for allowing individual offices to make their own choices about how to set the AC without affecting anyone else.

  1. Ease of installation

Our ISOWALL® panels are designed to connect using standardized tongue-and-groove connectors along the edges, so they can essentially just be snapped together.  This means they can be installed by regular contractors without any particular expertise, lowering your installation costs. We consider our ROCKWALL® panels more of a “specialty” and in some cases may require additional installation equipment and/or advanced training, due to the weight and center of gravity.

  1. A stylish solution

Insulated wall panels can be purchased in any combination of colors and finishes, allowing you to match them to your overall building color scheme.  There’s no need for your insulated walls to be drab and grey.  If you want a colorful building, they can fit right in.

Turn to Structural Panels Inc. For Top-Quality Insulation!

With over thirty years’ experience developing products, we are among the world’s leaders in specialized insulated wall panels, suitable for extreme hot, cold, or anything in between.   Our wall panels are in use around the world!  Contact us to learn more about our products.