Basic Clean Room Requirements and Classifications

A well-constructed clean room that can meet industry standards is essential in industries that can be adversely affected by the introduction of small, foreign particles. A recognized cleanroom classification might be required for certain forms of scientific research, but is also a necessity for a variety of manufacturing needs such as semiconductors, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, military needs, and certain elements of food processing.

The environment of a cleanroom is controlled in such a manner as to vastly reduce or eliminate the introduction of outside pollutants that can contaminate the process. This might include dust and aerosol particles, as well as chemical vapours and airborne microbes. Reducing the level of contamination in cleanrooms requires construction using insulated panels, ultra-clean equipment surfaces, special airflow systems, and high-efficiency filters to keep unwanted particles out. Personnel undergo strict routines upon entering and leaving the clean room to ensure anti-contamination integrity.

The level of cleanliness required will also depend on specific industry standards. A clean room for the food industry, for example, must be able to withstand rigorous cleaning and disinfecting processes on a regular basis. One product particularly suited for the food industry, as well as other industry needs, are Isowall insulated panels from our Canadian firm, Structural Panels, Inc.

Isowall insulated panels consist of a rigid EPS, or Expanded PolyStyrene, foam core that has laminated sheet steel permanently bonded to both sides. Not only is the system durable, reliable, fire retardant and aesthetically appealing, it is also quick and easy to install, thereby meeting the needs of a variety of building projects. Most importantly, though, it can be an efficient and economical insulation solution for stringent clean room requirements.

Structural Panels Inc. (SPI) is an all-Canadian manufacturer of high quality, steel-skinned insulated sandwich panels that are designed for coolers, freezers, walls, partitions, dividers, ceilings, and value-added projects. Available in a wide range of core thicknesses and colours, our custom-made Isowall® insulated panels are particularly well-suited for industries requiring clean rooms, fire resistance up to three hours, food grade cleaning, and controlled temperatures. Visit our website at or call 905-372-0195 to discuss your clean room classification requirements or request an Isowall sample.