What is Rockwall™?

Rockwall™ fire-rated wall panels consist of a unique Rockwool mineral fibre core called ‘Conrock‘ with laminated sheet steel permanently bonded to both sides. Once Rockwall™ panels have been installed according to the specific Intertek/Warnock Hersey certification guidelines, the assembly provides 1, 2 and 3 hours of fire resistance with a 4”, 5” and 6” core thickness (respectively).

Once secured in place, a finished Rockwall™ building, ceiling or partition wall also provides a strong and reliable thermal performance system. Structural Panels Inc. offers support, manuals and guidance to anyone looking to work with Rockwall™ panels. Rockwall™ panels can also help reduce insurance costs, protect against loss of business, and even save lives.

Rockwall™ fire-rated wall panels are energy efficient and feature an aesthetic profile that will look good for years to come. From fire barriers to large commercial buildings, soffits to demising walls, ceilings to partitions, Rockwall™ panels provide the ideal energy-efficient and economical continuous insulation solution for any building project where both fire resistance and thermal control are required.

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Are you looking for a higher R-value or water protection? Check out Isowall® insulated wall panel systems and Quickliner™ PVC plastic panels. They’re a great add-on where Rockwall™ isn’t what you need!

Features and Benefits of Rockwall™ Fire Rated Wall Panels:

Structural Panels Insulated Wall Panel

Superior Insulation

  • R-value is 4.1 per inch, and it doesn’t deplete over time
  • Core thicknesses range from 2.5″ to 10″
  • Width is fixed at 46” (3.9’)

Clean Finish

  • The finish can be either smooth or embossed
  • The profile can be smooth, Shadowline or micro rib
  • Available in a variety of standard colours
  • CFIA acceptance for sanitary room requirements
  • Resistant to mold and mildew

Easy to Install

  • Lengths can be custom-tailored to fit nearly any workable height
  • Trims, flashings, angles and other accessories can be provided to complete a standard installation
  • Tongue-and-groove edges provide a snug, secure fit
  • Panels can be custom-tailored/field cut to accommodate windows, doors, ventilation, piping, fans, etc.
  • Provides a harmonious transition between Rockwall™ and Isowall® panels (when required)

Quality Materials

  • Produced on a continuous lamination line to ensure outstanding quality
  • Contribute to LEED certification programs and the path to Net-Zero Energy targets
  • CFC & HCFC free and environmentally friendly

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Benefits of Rockwall™ Fire Rated Wall Panels:

Easy To Clean

Our wall panels are easy to clean and don’t support mold in the first place.

Class-A Fire Rating

Rockwall™ is a critical line of defense in fire protection: passive fire protection up to 3 hours. With a non-combustible core and no sprinklers required.

Built To Last

Once installed the panels are maintenance-free and have long building lifecycles.

Clean and Safe

The panels have CFIA acceptance for sanitary room requirements.

Easy To Install

Installation process can cut construction costs in half. We offer custom fabricated wall and ceiling building solutions in lengths of any transportable length.


Rockwall™ panels meet the strict sanitation standards set by the CFIA and are resistant to mold and mildew.


Rockwall™ mineral wool core is made from natural basalt rock and recycled slag providing a lighter environmental footprint and LEED point credits that contribute to sustainable development.

Cost Savings

The panels have a high thermal barrier with vapour resistance resulting in significant energy saving R-value (R4 per inch) for consistent thermal performance and thermal envelope. Energy cost savings of as much as 30% over traditional multi-part building systems.

Chemical Resistance

Our plastic panels are inert to most mineral acids, bases, salts & paraffin-hydrocarbon solutions.

Where Can You Use
Rockwall™ Fire Rated Wall Panels?

From fire barriers to large commercial buildings, soffits, to demising walls, ceilings to partitions, Rockwall™ panels provide the ideal energy-efficient and economical continuous insulation solution for any building project where both fire resistance and thermal control are required.

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    Rockwall™ Product Superiority

    Superior materials and manufacturing 

    Rockwall™ is a stressed-skin sandwich panel with metal facings permanently bonded to the mineral wool core of Rockwool Conrock® with a heat polymerizing adhesive. The panels are produced in a continuous in-line method for optimum uniformity and quality. The steel top and bottom are 26 gauge pre-painted silicone-polyester finish and profiled galvanized steel facings that are roll-formed and bonded continuously with thermosetting adhesive to mineral fiber insulation.

    Strong and moisture resistant

    The core material is cut into lamella strips with perpendicular fiber orientation that provides additional strength, dimensional stability, and moisture resistance.

    Easy to Install

    A tongue and groove interlocking edge are designed in both the core and the metal facing, producing an easy-to-install joint that is water-tight. An optional sealant can be applied during installation. Panels are 46 inches wide, and custom lengths are cut up to 32 feet.

    Rockwall™ and Isowall® panels have the same profile edge and facings so they can be seamlessly integrated for architectural agreement.

    How does Rockwall™ Compare?

    Composition26 ga. prepainted steel & Rockwool mineral fibre26 ga. painted steel & Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foamPolyvinyl chloride (PVC)Fibre-Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
    Standard ColourWhiteWhiteWhiteWhite
    Custom ColourSpecial orderSpecial orderSpecial orderSpecial order
    R-valueR-4.1 per inchR-4.1 per inch
    Food Grade
    CFIA Accepted
    Thicknesses2.5″ – 10″2″ – 10″3/8″0.09″
    Finished widths46″ ea.46″ ea.18″ ea.48″ ea.
    Manufactured lengths5′ – 30′5′ – 40′8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 18′, 20′8′, 9′, 10′, 12′
    InstallationSpecialtyModerately easyEasyEasy
    Interior applications
    Exterior applicationsLimitedLimited
    Ceiling applications
    Wall applications
    Roof applications

    General Specifications

    Rockwall™ Fire Rated Wall Panels last as long as the service life of a typical commercial building and comply with various industry standards and building safety codes. Our durable fire-rated wall panels also reduce operational costs for energy and maintenance and offer multiple end-of-life reuse options.

    Intertek fire rating:

    ASTM E119

    Zero smoke, zero flame spread (CAN/ULC S101) 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours (SPI/WPA 180-01).

    Intertek water leakage test:

    ASTM E331

    No leakage at a pressure differential of 730 Pa. Core material is designed in lamella strips with perpendicular fibre orientation that provides additional strength, dimensional stability and moisture resistance.

    CFIA accepted

    Interior and exterior facings are CFIA accepted 0.18 min, G-90 hot-dipped galvanized steel, conforming to ASTM A653-Grade 33 pre-coated with an imperial white standard finish.


    4 = 300db (weighted CRI).

    Click here for more detailed Rockwall™ technical specifications.

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