vacuum lifter moving panel into position

Installation manuals are available for both Isowall® and Rockwall™ insulated panels and accessories.

Isowall® panels are fairly easy to install for anyone who is familiar with basic construction principles. As a result of weight, fire-rating specification details and inherent core properties, however, Rockwall™ panel installation is considered ‘specialty’ and should not be attempted by anyone who doesn’t have the requisite certification from Structural Panels Inc. and our partners. Should Rockwall™ installation training be required for your crew, please contact us to find out how this can be arranged.

Alternatively, we work with many different installation companies on a regular basis and can coordinate the installation of your insulated panels and accessories.

In order to get you the most accurate timeline and price for your installation, here are a few points to consider that we’ll want to discuss with you:

  • Where is the project located?
  • What are the approximate start and end dates for the project?
  • Is the site union or non-union?
  • Is installation equipment (telehandlers, man lifts, etc.) available on site or will rentals need to be coordinated?
  • What are the site health and safety requirements? Will additional training be required for panel installers?
  • How is the site managed? What’s the general reporting structure?
  • Location/site accessibility/weather?
  • Is any pre-installation demolition work required before panels can be installed?
  • Will the panels be installed during the day or at night?
If you’re interested in becoming a certified installer for Structural Panels Inc., please complete this questionnaire and we’ll get back to you.