Why Are PVC Panels the Best Choice for Food-Grade Processing Facilities

Jul 04, 2021

Food-grade processing facilities need to stay as clean as possible at all time in order to reduce the risk of contamination and illness. The panels used for the walls of these facilities must be able to provide this level of safety and cleanliness. Food grade PVC panels offer high levels of hygiene and safety compared to other panel options. Keep the following benefits of these panels in mind when setting up or making changes to your food-grade processing facility.


You can use food grade PVC panels for the walls in your facility. These panels can also be used on ceilings to provide even more protection from contamination and germs. Having these panels installed on walls and ceilings offers high levels of safety for food-grade processing facilities.

Easy Maintenance

Panels in food processing facilities should be simple to clean and maintain on a regular basis. This helps ensure that the area stays as safe and clean as possible. PVC panels can be easily and quickly wiped down as needed to prevent bacteria or other contaminants from accumulating on them. Since they have smooth surfaces, you don’t have to worry about germs or other microorganisms building up in areas that are hard to reach, such as crevices.


PVC panels are waterproof, which helps makes them even easier to clean. Water or other liquids that splash or spill on these panels can be cleaned up quickly without causing damage to the panels. This helps ensure that these panels continue providing safe, hygienic surfaces in food-grade processing facilities.


Cleaning products containing industrial strength or harsh chemicals can wear away surfaces in food processing facilities. However, PVC panels are resistant to damage and erosion from exposure to these chemicals. With food grade PVC panels, you can use cleaning products on them repeatedly without causing damage that could affect their ability to maintain a hygienic environment.


The durability that PVC panels provide means you can have them installed and leave them in place for many years. Since these panels are able to last for a long time, you do not need to replace them with new ones often. Instead, you can rely on these panels to help your food processing facility stay clean and sanitary.


Any panels that are installed in food processing facilities need to be fire-resistant for safety purposes. PVC panels provide dependable resistance to fire, making them a good choice for these types of facilities.

Mold and Bacteria-Resistant

PVC panels are resistant to mold growth and bacteria, which helps keep food processing facilities safe from contamination. Having PVC panels installed in walls and ceilings offers a high amount of protection from these harmful microorganisms.

Food Grade PVC Panels

If you’re looking for food-grade PVC panels for your facility, please contact Structural Panels Inc. for more information on our products. We offer high-quality PVC panels that you can use in your food-grade processing facility.