5 Questions About Insulated Metal Panels You Are Too Afraid to Ask

Jul 13, 2021

You want the very best building materials for home and commercial construction, right? But many people are unaware of the benefits, composition and durability of structural insulated panels as a material. Here are some of the questions we often hear at Structural Panels, Inc.?

Just What Is a Structural Insulated Panel?

Our structural insulated panels consist of an outer shell and an insulated interior. We have two types of structural insulated panels available:

  • Rockwall™ Fire Rated Panels: These are constructed with a mineral fibre core sandwiched between two panels of laminated sheet steel. They offer up to three hours of fire resistance, depending on thickness, and are suitable for building exteriors, ceilings, or partition walls.
  • Isowall® Insulated Wall Panels: These also use laminated sheet steel for the outer paneling, but use an Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) foam core for the interior. The insulation is built right into the panels, so they’re an extremely low-maintenance and energy-efficient panel for walls, ceilings, or partitioning.

Do Structural Insulated Panels Provide Good Insulation?

Absolutely! Think about traditional insulation that you unroll between the wood or metal frames in a home or commercial structure. There are always going to be miniscule gaps in that type of insulation. Because structural insulated panels are fit together seamlessly — with the insulation inside them — there are no gaps! It’s a seamless, continuous insulation system that requires less maintenance over its lifetime.

Do They Work on Most Kinds of Buildings?

Isowall® panels work for many different kinds of commercial and industrial applications. They can be used in everything from supply sheds to food processing facilities! Since they’re suitable for ceilings or partition walls, the sky’s the limit on the different types of applications they can be used for in construction.

Are Structural Insulated Panels Easy to Install?

Isowall® structural insulated panels are easy to work with. Any construction pro should be able to intuitively install them, whether it’s for an indoor or outdoor application.

Do They Come with Blueprints?

Both Isowall® and Rockwall™ structural insulated panels have installation manuals that we can provide you with. If you need engineered blueprints for your project, we partner with a firm and can provide those as well!

The firm that does our engineered shop drawings is very familiar with both types of structural insulated panels, and they do a fantastic job. As you know if you’re in the construction business, a good set of blueprints can solve a lot of problems on your job site before they occur. If you need a set of engineered shop drawings that incorporate structural insulated panels, simply Contact Us to get the process started.