The Benefits of Modular Construction: Why People Choose Structural Insulated Panels

Jun 22, 2021

Modular construction refers to the process of constructing materials off-site and then fitting them together or installing them as-is on-site. One popular application of modular is structural insulated panels. This product takes advantage of many of the advances of modular construction and offers a number of benefits to commercial business owners who want to cut costs and maintain quality. The staff at Structural Panels Inc. wants you to know more about what you can expect.

Modular Construction Saves Time

The more a manufacturer does off-site, the less a contractor or installer has to do on-site. Modular construction streamlines the process and can save up to 60% of your schedule without sacrificing quality. Because much of the work takes place in a controlled environment, you also won’t have to worry about weather delays as much either.

Modular Construction Saves Space

Anywhere that’s short on space will benefit from modular construction. When more materials can be stored elsewhere before being used, it both frees up room and reduces the odds of a workplace accident. A clean and safe site is essential for quality construction.

Modular Construction Optimizes Your Labor Force

Modular construction means less on-site labor. The number of skilled construction professionals has been steadily dropping over the years, which has led people to pay a premium for staff. Yet since there are so few people available, property owners can end up spending more for a project that takes longer than they wanted.

Modular construction plants in major cities can make it easier to concentrate a workforce before shipping out the materials to wherever they’re needed. While labor savings will vary based on where you are and what your project is, it’s not unusual to shave off a quarter of your construction costs.

Less Waste

Modular buildings and construction can cut down on untold amounts of waste. With fewer adjustments made on-site (because everything was measured and made before it even arrived), this has become an important component of a growing environmental movement.

Structural Insulated Panels: Options and Advantages

Structural Panels Inc. offers a complete line of panels for modular construction and can be found anywhere from food storage to oilfields.

  • Isowall: Made with an expanded polystyrene foam core and laminate sheet steel on both sides, a finished Isowall is perfect for ceilings, walls, and partitions. The thermal performance and ease of installation are unparalleled.
  • Rockwall: Our Rockwall is made from fire-rated wall panels and a unique mineral fibre core. The fire resistance of these steel-laminated panels can be augmented with a 6”-thick core.
  • Quickliner: This PVC panel for walls and ceilings allow you to reinforce your wall with additional protection, keeping it safe from water, chemicals, and other external threats. Simple to install, these are a great first line of defense.

Our main line of panels is just one way we can help you cut costs and improve your structure’s safety. If you’re interested in learning more about how panels can improve your building or construction project, Structural Panels Inc. invites you to contact us today to learn more about how our products can help you get the design you want.