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Benefits of PVC Wall Panels for Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of those spaces that just has to be nice. The appearance of the bathroom impacts the presentability of a commercial space and your overall health, not to mention that of your employees and guests.

Bathroom walls clad with poor materials will ruin the bathroom’s look because of dirt, but it’s supposed to be an attractive place to relax and unwind as you get yourself cleaned up!

When selecting a suitable cladding material, unplasticized PVC is a great option. Here are some key benefits of PVC wall panels for bathrooms.

1. High Hygiene Levels

When you install PVC wall panels in your bathroom, you can expect higher levels of cleanliness since PVC panels are easy to clean and resistant to dirt accumulation. They also resist mildew and mold.

PVC wall panels, such as our Quickliner PVC wall panels, have no surface cracks or pores in which dirt particles can accumulate. Any dust that collects on the surface is easily removed by cleaning the panels with a damp cloth, mild soap, and water.

Mold and mildew buildup is eliminated in PVC panels because they do not absorb moisture or let any pass through and accumulate between them and the covered surface.

Mold and mildew also do not grow because each PVC panel is installed seamlessly with an interlocking system. This system differs from other joining methods like grouting, which holds moisture and promotes mildew and mold growth.

2. Variety of Options

From colour and size to styles, designs, and patterns, you have plenty of options when choosing PVC wall panels, depending on the manufacturer.

Our Octaform Quickliner PVC wall panels come in white or black. The standard size is 18 inches wide and ⅜ inches thick. They vary in length between eight and 20 feet in increments of two feet. We also take custom-length orders.

3. Lightweight Nature

PVC is famous for its lightweight nature, which endears it to owners of commercial centers and contractors as an ideal cladding material for walls without bogging them down with too much baggage.

Being lightweight also makes the panels easy to handle, transport, store, and install.

4. Durability

Whether it’s a fitness club or an office bathroom for your business, you’ll want wall panels that can withstand the test of time. You don’t want panels that will damage easily and cause you to start looking again for a new solution.

Once installed, PVC panels for walls are difficult to bend or warp, so there will be no breakages. The panels also work as expected for as long as they are installed.

5. Water Resistance

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a waterproof building material. It doesn’t absorb water or let moisture pass through it. The advantage here is that no water will be present to damage the panels themselves or the surface they cover.

6. Low Maintenance

It’s easy to maintain plastic wall panels as they require only minimal maintenance. The glossy finish ensures no dirt holds onto the surface. Any that does, you can easily wipe away with a damp cloth.

The only other maintenance required is replacing any damaged panels, which is easy. Adjacent panels join together along the interlocking seams. These are easy to undo to remove the damaged tile and install a new one in its place.

7. Installation Versatility

pvc panel interlocks

The interlocking installation method, where the panels fit into each other in the tongue-and-groove design along the edges, makes it possible to install the panels over several surfaces.

Our Octaform PVC wall panels are compatible with surfaces such as stone, solid brick, plaster, other panels, concrete, tiles, painted walls, plywood, and chipboard.

8. Aestheticism

Again, the bathroom must be beautiful to allow you and your commercial space guests to spend time relaxing there.

PVC wall panels add to the beauty of the bathroom by bringing a touch of colour and a modern look from modern material. The glossy finish helps with reflectivity, making the bathroom look bigger under ample light.

Additionally, the wall panels cover any unsightly features on the wall surface, such as bumps, paint peels, holes, and scratches in the existing tile. The final surface of the installed panels will be smooth, even, and seamless.

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9. No Finishing Is Required

Once you have had the panels installed and wiped them with a damp cloth to remove any dirt, they are ready to go.

No additional finishing is required, such as applying paint, varnish, or lacquer, and things like stickers are unnecessary. These decorative panels are beautiful in and of themselves, whether you use them as a ceiling panel, shower wall, or wall covering.

You save money when you don’t have to do additional finishing, not to mention saving yourself a load of time!

10. Fire Safety

The bathroom is not generally a place known to catch fire, but you never know where disaster may strike. Our PVC wall paneling is fire-rated and can withstand small fires, reducing the fire’s spread rate and the damage it can cause.

11. Budget Friendliness

If you are on a budget, PVC panels are a budget-friendly way to cover the bathroom walls and ceilings at your commercial center. They are cheap to buy, readily available, inexpensive to transport, and easy to install.

PVC wall paneling is also recyclable and reusable. You can replace damaged panels with new ones and use the damaged ones in another place.

If the panels are hopelessly damaged, which is rare in a low-impact environment like a community center or office bathroom, you can give them to a plastic recycling facility to avoid putting them in a landfill.

When you install PVC wall panels for bathrooms, you can enjoy all these benefits and many more. Get started today by giving us a call to discuss your project and get an estimate of the number of panels and their cost.