Why Are PVC Wall Panels Everyone’s First Choice?

When a material sector is slated to see 14.3% compound annual growth, is it any wonder that PVC wall panels have become so popular over the past several years? PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride, is a common construction material used in vinyl siding, plumbing, wall treatments, and now as a wall panel in its own right. They do a wonderful job of finishing your walls and ceilings, able to mimic a wide range of natural materials such as stone, metal, wood, plaster and much more.

Providing an excellent alternative to gypsum drywall or acoustic POP panels, the waterproof material provides great options not only for kitchens and baths, but to every room in the residential, commercial, retail or industrial structure. The ease of cleaning that they provide makes them a wonderful option for restaurants, gyms, offices, schools and homes everywhere.

If you’re not sure about using Canadian PVC wall panels for your home renovation, there’s no reason to hold back. To help you understand the versatility of these popular wall treatments, let’s go over some of the many benefits of PVC wall panels:

1. Very Light and Durable

PVC is an expanded vinyl product, which makes it very lightweight and easy to position for a great appearance in your structure. At the same time, it’s also very durable, making it hold up to a lot of abuse while still looking fabulous.

2. Water-resistant.

PVC is used to supply water in many homes and structures, so by design, it’s a very water-resistant material. This means you don’t need to worry about damage due to leaks, heavy rains or flooding. This makes it a wonderful option for basements.

3. Simple to Clean and Maintain

Because PVC panels essentially are a sealed surface, they’re very easy to clean up, even from messy spills and splatters, by simply wiping a cloth dampened with soapy water across the surface. This same feature makes them very low-maintenance.

4. Inexpensive

One of the top benefits of PVC wall panels is the low cost of acquisition, making them very budget-friendly for any level of income. Because they are so affordable, you can enjoy great-looking walls without spending an arm and a leg in the process.

If you’re excited at the options and ease provided by PVC wall panels, you’re not alone, which is part of the reason why this material is seeing such strong growth. But not all PVC wall panels are the same. Our panels also provide you with chemical and corrosion resistance to many materials, have a Class-A fire rating, are food-grade for your kitchen or restaurant and are a top hygienic option. 

Ready to take the next step? Why not take a few minutes to contact us today to set up a consultation on our high-quality PVC wall panels? The experienced team of professionals at Structural Panels Inc. can walk you through the entire process, ensuring that you’ll get the exact PVC wall panels that you need for your project.