A Quick Guide to Your Choices in Commercial Building Insulation

When planning a new building in Canada, or renovations to an existing building, one of the most important considerations is the type of insulation to be used.  Insulation determines energy efficiency – and therefore heating/cooling costs – as well as being a major factor in creating a comfortable working or living environment.  However, with so many choices out there – ranging from simple fiberglass to advanced sandwich panels – it can be difficult to decide on the right option.

Here’s a quick rundown of a few of your primary resources to consider when choosing your commercial insulation in Canada.

The Most Popular Types of Canadian Building Insulation


Concrete is an ever-popular option, simply because it’s a one-and-done solution to walls and insulation.  It’s strong, long-lasting, slow to degrade, and nearly impervious to most physical or environmental damage.  The main drawback is that it’s generally regarded as unattractive and tends to create very harsh brutalist structures.

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is popular due to its low cost, and some formulations can handle even extreme temperatures.  Plus, it works its way into every nook and cranny of a building.  However, it is also fast to degrade and will require a lot of maintenance and touch-ups over the years.

Rolled Fiberglass

Rolled fiberglass is the go-to insulation for most home development and does hit a nice price point in terms of costs vs efficiency.  However, its susceptibility to water (or moisture of any kind) can be a major drawback, as are the inherent health dangers of fiberglass as a material.

Rigid Foam

Rigid foam has the same thermal properties of spray foam, but without the coating properties.  Rigid foam panels are difficult to install in a seamless fashion, particularly in spaces of an unusual shape, and even small gaps can quickly create big losses in energy efficiency.

Sandwich Panels

In terms of both toughness and thermal protection, it’s hard to beat sandwich panels.  With metal covering a thick foam or fiber core, you have a two-in-one insulation solution which can take a lot of abuse without ever losing its insulative properties.  Sandwich panels cost a bit more than other types of insulation, but quickly make up for it in terms of long-term ROI with a one-step installation and little to no maintenance year over year.

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