How Isowall Panels Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Whether you’re building a new commercial facility or renovating an existing industrial structure,  an investment into CFIA-accepted Isowall panels can be one of the smartest decisions you make.  Thermal Isowall panels are affordable, even in large quantities, and can vastly increase the thermal efficiency of any building.  In turn, that leads to a wide variety of benefits, both direct and indirect.

Here’s how it works.

Five Ways Thermal Isowall Panels Can Improve Your Building

1 – Multiple layers of insulation

Isowall panels aren’t basic paneling – they’re designed to give you multiple layers of insulation.  Each panel has an EPS polystyrene foam core – from 2″ up to 10″ – with steel sheets on either side.  This gives them an R-value of 4.1 which never depletes, and at high thicknesses, they can be suitable for even extreme applications such as insulating large deep freezers.

2 – Extreme toughness prevents damage

With traditional panel-based insulation, such as drywall or fiberglass, the panels are going to be susceptible to damage and decay over time.  Every minor scratch or dent or hole degrades thermal efficiency just a little more.  However, the steel sheets on either side of Isowall panels give them unparalleled protection from physical damage.

That means unstoppable thermal efficiency which will last as long as your building!

3 – Maintain greater workforce comfort

Keeping your facilities at a comfortable temperature can be a significant challenge, particularly if you have rooms which must be kept hot or cold for business reasons.  Isowall panels ensure each room is thermally isolated from every other, with little or no bleed-over in temperature.  You could have an office next to a hot room, and your workers would never know it!

4 – Increase green credits

If your local government offers benefits or tax credits for utilizing eco-friendly building features, Isowall panels will help you hit those goals!  Few other products on the market can offer the same level of thermal isolation and energy-efficiency, particularly while remaining at a construction-friendly price.

5 – Save money

Plus, of course, the biggest benefit of all:  Saving money on your temperature control in every room of your building, day after day, season after season, potentially for the entire life of the building.  This gives Isowall panels truly superior ROI, setting up energy savings that can last for decades.


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