Solve Your Thermal Containment Problems with Rockwall Sandwich Panels

When designing, building, or renovating a building in Canada, one of the toughest challenges can be thermal containment.  If there are areas of the building which need to be kept at high temperatures, this can create severe heat containment problems – and the more heat involved, the more difficult the containment issue becomes.

You need an insulating solution which will minimize the amount of energy it takes to maintain heat in the room, and which will prevent thermal bleed-over into other areas of the building.  In particular, the heat must be kept away from your workforce, even if those workers are only a few meters away from the hot room.

Plus, of course, any possibility of fire must be minimized.

Canadian-made Rockwall sandwich panels are one of the best solutions to this set of problems!  With a rugged design and unparalleled thermal efficiency, Rockwall sandwich panels in Canada deliver superior ROI and long-lasting protection.

How Rockwall Sandwich Panels in Canada Keep the Heat Contained

Canadian Rockwall sandwich panels are designed specifically for environments with extreme heat or even open flames.  Their design is based around cores of Conrock Rockwool mineral fiber, which can come in a thickness of 4, 5, or 6 inches.  Made entirely from natural stone, Conrock is rated for temperatures in excess of 1000° C, but without any dangerous potential contaminants.

Then, laminated sheet steel is bonded to both sides of the Conrock core.  This allows the final sandwich panel to be relatively easy for a trained installation crew to work with an install while adding additional thermal and physical protection.  Rockwall is nearly indestructible under normal usage and can be utilized for years -or decades- with an absolute minimum of maintenance.

When installed according to Intertek-certified specifications, the result is a panel-based heat containment system that can provide up to three hours of fire resistance, on top of its natural insulative properties.

The benefits here are clear:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Less heat bleeding into nearby rooms
  • Greater safety for your workers
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Increased green credits/benefits from local governments

In addition, Rockwall is easy to work with and install, and it comes in a variety of colors to match your aesthetic needs.  Rockwall sandwich panels are a true all-in-one solution to thermal efficiency and fire containment.

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