How Will COVID-19 Pandemic Influence Building Design?

Like many industries around the globe, designers everywhere are rethinking what they do. Will new structures need to be built to account for social distancing? Will we have to renovate existing places to keep everyone safe? The exact answers are unclear, but what is clear is something will have to change. Luckily, we have the technology to make it happen. Products like structural insulated panels can be used to separate coworkers and patients alike. We’ll look at what we might see in the future.

A New Era

If this crisis has given architects nothing else, it’s the gift of time. For many, they have an unprecedented opportunity to start brainstorming solutions for problems they hadn’t even known existed just a few months ago. The design community needs to think through the threats and what each decision means for the people who rely on their work.

Isowall® Insulated Wall Panel Systems were created to be used anywhere from outbuilding to labs to sanitary rooms. They can hold up against the most rigorous and demanding of cleaning schedules, and they’re a practical solution for the many office workers who can’t work from home.

Senior Living

Some of our most vulnerable communities unfortunately live in some of the most vulnerable spaces. For new projects, we’re likely to see hands-free everything, from the blinds to the temperature to the lighting. As more antibacterial products (e.g., antibacterial fabrics, copper, etc.) emerge on the markets, designers will utilize them whenever available.

Self-cleaning bathrooms, structural insulated panels<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>, and modular spaces are also likely to be on the rise. Anything that can be used to give people a little extra peace of mind will be invaluable in the future. (These design solutions are also likely to be popular in the hotel industry, especially those that cater to an older demographic.)

Health Care

Hospitals, ERs, doctor’s offices: there are few healthcare professionals who haven’t wondered if they have enough space to meet the demands of those in need. Even if the threat of COVID-19 disappears entirely overnight, there should be more options when it comes to using our public and private facilities. Too much room is wasted when it could be devoted to saving lives.

Many predict that designers will reimagine what a hospital looks like entirely. Instead of waiting rooms, we might see waiting nooks strategically stationed throughout a building. Instead of a patient room designed to hold one or two people, it can quickly be converted to safely hold as many patients as possible. They might even map out how an everyday patient room can function as its own mini-ICU.

Structural Panels Inc. has always made our products with the end-user in mind. Our food-grade structural insulated panels<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> are a sandwich panel reinforced with steel at the top and bottom. The core is moisture-resistant and the joints are water-tight.