Unusual Applications of Structural Insulated Panels

While it’s easy to think of structural insulated panels as being primarily used by more industrial-focused businesses, there are many more applications for these, from retail locations to schools to residential uses in certain circumstances.

When you think about it, fire rated wall panels can be useful in any location that you would like this type of protection combined with a higher level of fire resistance.

They can work well in one particular area of a home or business that you want to be more secure or can be used throughout an entire structure.

Incorporating them into the design of your home or business can lead to lower insurance premiums and also reduce potential loss of property and loss of life if a fire does occur. They can also add to your location’s overall energy efficiency as well as provide peace of mind that you’ve taken strong steps to improve your overall safety and security. Plus they’re mold and mildew resistant.

Customization options for fire rated wall panels

What many clients appreciate about fire rated wall panels is there are all sorts of options available to create something unique for your particular location.

For instance, the standard colour for Structural Panels panels are white, but upon request, we’ll be happy to research if our steel suppliers can provide other colours more to your liking or your décor.

Each type of panel also has a different degree of thickness which means different degrees of fire resistance.

Panels come in a standard width of 46”, but they can also be cut down on site. Length can vary as well so customers can potentially ask for any length they need.

Panels can be used as walls or even ceilings. They can be used to create something as small as a partition or a fire-safe closet for records, or a larger fire-safe room.


Putting it all together

Now that you know we can offer plenty of customization options, it’s time to look at how a variety of other clients have used them successfully.

  • Food processing. Structural Panels Inc., had its start by creating fire-resistant areas for food processing centers, including slaughterhouses/abattoirs where fire resistance and security is useful.
  • Energy-efficient homes. Architects and home builders who want to try to integrate panels in their design should consult with an engineer or building code expert to make sure it’s a good fit for your specific area. But others who have used them in their design have reported a dramatic reduction in air loss, resulting in almost 40 percent savings in energy costs.
  • Schools. Educational facilities place a big focus on maintaining optimal internal temperature, regardless of whatever season is taking place outside. So incorporating steady airflow and creating a barrier for hot and cold outside air can be effective. Plus the modular panels can reduce construction costs.
  • Prisons. Correctional facilities can benefit from durable modular construction as well as fire rated wall panels. They can minimize the spread of a fire if one occurs and also keep staff and prisoners safe.