How Insulated Wall Panels Help Reduce Your Energy Costs

The most obvious reason to invest in metal-clad insulated wall panels is, of course, to protect your assets from heat or cold damage.  Depending on the type of panel you choose, you can keep hot rooms hot, cold rooms cold, and prevent fires and other temperature-related dangers from spreading around your building.

However, that’s not the only benefit you get from insulated wall panels.  They can also be excellent at reducing your overall energy costs – and potentially even help you qualify for LEED certification and similar energy-saving initiatives.

How An Insulated Wall Panel Helps Reduce Energy Usage

Metal-clad wall panels are built to be two-in-one insulators.  The metal on the outside is excellent at containing fires while adding strength to the overall panel design.  Then inside the metal, there is an insulating foam which can be formulated for hot or cold applications.  When the two are combined, you get an excellent wall panel which can stand up to intense heat or cold situations.

Since these panels make for such good insulators, they are excellent at reducing your overall energy costs – particularly if your facilities require rooms which are kept at temperature extremes.  Keeping a hot room hot, or a cold room cold typically requires a huge energy expenditure.  Utilizing extra-efficient wall paneling will contain the necessary temperature, and greatly reduce how much extra energy you have to expend to maintain the desired temperature.

However, these wall panels aren’t only for such extreme uses.  They can also be deployed in practically any working environment, to provide better insulation than you get from typical fiberglass or sheetrock wall materials.  You can have offices side-by-side with significantly different thermostat settings, but they will not interfere with each other.

Plus, insulated wall panels are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.  You can easily find wall panels which match your overall color scheme and will complement your working environment.  They can be highly effective at reducing your energy use and also look nice whenever showing visitors around your facilities!

Structural Panels Inc Know How to Protect Your Building

For over thirty years, we have specialized in creating the best and most energy-efficient forms of wall paneling possible.  Our solutions can stand up to even the hottest or coldest of working environments while bringing you continuous protection against fires and other dangers.  To learn more about the benefits of our insulated wall panels, just contact us!