How Fire Rated Wall Panels Keep You Safe

If you are looking to build or renovate facilities which require ‘hot rooms’ to operate, finding the proper insulation will undoubtedly be one of your top priorities.  You need an insulation solution capable of containing the high heat your process requires, without allowing that heat to escape into other areas of the building.  Due to the risks involved in these processes, you are also going to want a solution with a high fire resistance rating.

If a fire disaster strikes, you need to know your assets – and your workforce – will be protected.

Fortunately, there’s an affordable solution which meets all these needs: sandwiched fire rated wall panels.  Sandwich style panels are a “best of both worlds” solution which is perfect for most applications involving high heat scenarios.

How Fire Rated Wall Panels Keep Your Building Safe

The key to the effectiveness of these wall panels is their sandwich-style construction.  They start with a core made of inflammable mineral fiber, called Conrock, which is noted for its ability to stand up to intense heat.  Depending on your needs, this core can be anywhere from 2.5″ to 10″ thick.

Then, surrounding the core on either side is laminated sheet steel which is bonded directly to the mineral fiber.  This sheet steel adds tremendous strength and resilience to the wall panels, allowing them to stand up to almost any physical damage while also further increasing their overall fire resistance.

The result is a wall panel which can verifiably stand up to open fire for hours, potentially three or more, without any damage done.  And, of course, without allowing the fire to spread. For businesses running hot rooms, this is an absolutely essential safety measure.

However, insulated sandwich panels deliver more benefits beyond acting as an “insurance policy” against fire.  They can also significantly lower your energy costs!  Because they are such effective insulators (with an R-value of 4.1 per square inch) they will contain the heat within your hot rooms and reduce the amount of energy needed to keep the heat at proper levels.

This makes fire rated wall panels an excellent all-around solution to high-heat insulation.

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