The Advantages of Implementing Pre-Cut Electrical Chases in SIPs for Electrical Work

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a durable modern-day building system for both commercial and industrial construction. Each panel, including the Isowall insulated panels, are created with an insulating foam core that is perfectly sandwiched between two outer layers of structural material like OSB. Building a structure with SIPs instead of traditional wood framing is a cost-effective decision. 

While SIPs are obviously advantageous for the building process because they allow for a more efficient structure and a faster build, it can make the process of implementing electrical components more tedious when SIPs are used. In the typical process, electricians have to go through and create openings in the SIP to house things like wiring and outlets. Pre-cut electrical chases in SIPs are the solution to simplify the electrical implementation process. 

Electrical Planning Happens Before the Build with Pre-Cut Electrical Chases

The biggest change that occurs when you opt for pre-cut electrical chases is all of the electrical planning has to happen before the build, which can be quite different. Even though it may seem intimidating to completely plan for every last electrical detail that will go into the walls in advance, this is actually a smart move overall. This detailed plan will include: 

  • Where all outlets will be located in the SIPs
  • How all the wiring will be placed in each SIP wall
  • How big the chases will have to be exactly

These plans are then used to construct the SIPs. If Isowall insulated panels are being used, this advanced planning can be hugely beneficial because many of these insulated panels have structural materials on the outside that is harder to puncture, such as certain types of metal. 

Installing Electrical Implements After the Build Is Simple with Pre-Cut Electrical Chases 

The second big advantage of pre-cut chases for electrical components will come in after the SIPs are actually erected and installed. Normally, electricians have to work to make openings for chases and implements after the SIPs are in place. If the openings have already been created, installing the electrical work becomes a quick-and-easy process. The professionals can simply mount the hardware, run the wires, and make the proper connections. 

When the majority of the tedious work is done in advance with your SIPs, it allows installation time to be even more seamless and fast at the job site. It is pretty impressive just how much of a difference pre-cut electrical chases can make in an overall project. Everything from installing the outlets to attaching light fixtures will be simple and much easier to achieve. Talk to a SIP manufacturer to find out more about the benefits of pre-cut electrical chases.