Non Combustible Wall Panels Solutions for Commercial Settings

Wall panel solutions for commercial businesses can have a lot to do with both hygiene and fire safety. Whether you’re using them for a clean room or food storage, the materials of these panels will have a lot to do with your overall results. We’ll look at both the benefits of wall panels and what it means to choose the best possible version for your business.

What You Should Know About Wall Panels

Sometimes called wall cladding, wall panels can be fitted to your structural walls to provide further protection. Business owners favor them because they are faster and simpler to install than tiles. Plus, they’re made to protect against nearly every potential threat. Water damage, stains, dents: these panels may not be entirely indestructible, but they’re manufactured to be as close to it as you can imagine.

Wall panels are also versatile, both in terms of cost and practical applications. If you’re working with a structure with uneven surfaces, panels can be adjusted to fit. They also meet all hygiene and fire regulations, which can be an immediate weight off any business owner’s back if they’re visited by a surprise inspector.

Hygienic Panels

Any commercial business worth it’s salt will scrub down their surfaces and wash their floors. However, very few employees are taking the time to address the walls. This is unfortunate because bacteria can thrive in these on stone, brick, and wood, especially if they colonize toward the ceiling.

Walls end up hosting anything from mold to viruses. To add insult to injury, irregular surfaces become particularly difficult to clean after spills or splashes of liquid or food. As a business owner, it’s your job to protect against contamination, which means you need easy-to-clean walls that you can maintain at all times.

Fire-Resistant Non-Combustible Wall Panels

Wall panels can be made in different grades of fire resistance. These panels are not fire-proof, but they can be exposed to high temperatures for quite some time. Your establishment may be more prone to fires, which may mean upgrading your grade to ensure that you’re both meeting regulations and providing the highest degree of safety for your livelihood.

The right solution can be both long-lasting and effective in terms of warding off damage. Plus, they come in a wide variety of styles and colors, ensuring that your business is every bit as ‘fashionable’ as you need it to be.

No Compromises

Business owners often take chances when it comes to their structures, either because they want to save time or money. It’s only when something goes wrong that they regret the short-cuts. Structural Panels Inc. created Isowall® panel solutions to make it easier for clients to take control, so they never have to doubt their operations. If you’re looking for non-combustible wall panels solutions for commercial settings, learn more about how laminated sheets and foam cores can be exactly what you need. We’re here to find the best solution for you.