Modular Offices to Improve In-Plant Manufacturing

Jan 14, 2022

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the ways in which businesses run their manufacturing floors. From supply chain issues to increased demand, there is a growing need for in-plant manufacturing to improve and manage the process of creating products. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can improve the environment for your operations managers with the help of modular offices and structural insulated panels for additional support.

The Engine Room of Plant Manufacturing

The manufacturing floor is the heart of an organization. It’s where the raw materials of a product are transformed and turned into a final product. That means that every facet of the production floor needs to be managed and controlled in order to produce the best results.

Operations managers are the people responsible for production planning, production control, and quality control on a plant floor. It can be hard to handle these essential operations in the middle of a busy and noisy production floor. However, if the operations manager moves away from the plant, they can’t closely supervise production. A modular office provides a place for operations managers and other supervisors, administrators, and engineers to do their jobs while still being on the floor.

4 Reasons to Have Modular Offices in a Manufacturing Plant

Modular offices are temporary or semi-temporary office spaces that can be built in locations away from the main office, like off-site job sites and manufacturing floors. This allows operations managers and other employees to have dedicated office space while still being a part of the manufacturing floor. Here are four reasons to consider having a modular office on your production floor.

1. Dedicated Office Space

Having a dedicated office space allows operations managers and other employees to have desks, chairs, computers, and other equipment needed to do their jobs while still being a part of the manufacturing floor. That allows operations managers to accomplish the many tasks they have during the day without unnecessary distraction.

2. Stay Alert and Focused

Production floors are often noisy and busy, with many different employees working and machines running at the same time. That can make it difficult for operations managers and other production team members to stay alert and focus on their jobs. Modular offices can eliminate the noise and movement of the floor so other tasks can be completed.

3. A Multitude of Functions

While modular offices are most often used as office space, they can provide many other functions that can improve the efficiency of the manufacturing floor. Those functions can include:

  • Control Rooms
  • Training Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Quality Assurance Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Break Rooms

4. Customizable and Temporary

A modular office doesn’t require permanent construction. They are temporary spaces, which also means that there are more opportunities to create customized rooms that suit specific needs. They can then be dismantled if needed after they have served their purpose.

How Structural Insulated Panels Improve Modular Offices

Modular offices that are created with structural insulated panels are not only able to meet customization goals, but provide additional benefits of insulation from noise and temperature and protection from fire and other hazardous concerns. Structural insulated panels help operations managers create modular offices that bring them the most benefits and allow them to do their jobs to the fullest extent.