Costs of Insulated Panels vs. Lumber as Prices Stabilize

Feb 28, 2022

The price of lumber and other building materials has been well above average for the past several months. However, there are signs that these prices are beginning to become more stable. Does this mean that the price of structural insulated panels is also stabilizing? Here’s how price changes have been affecting insulated panel costs.

Lumber and Structural Insulated Panel Costs

Lumber is in high demand for housing and other buildings that use stick-frame construction. Although the price of lumber has been high, these increases are starting to slow down. The rise in lumber prices has also been accompanied by a rise in the cost of insulated panels. While these panels are not used for stick-built construction, they are used in a wide range of settings, including medical facilities, food processing facilities, clean rooms, and more.

These panels offer effective and convenient ways to create a safe and hygienic environment for different settings. They can be used as an alternative to lumber for some facilities, which can help save on building costs. As panel prices stabilize, choosing these panels over lumber can become even more cost-effective.

How long will panel prices continue to rise at a slower pace? While price increases are slowing down, keep in mind that they’re expected to be higher than usual for a while still. However, investing in these panels for your facility now can lead to cost savings that make up the difference.

Cost Savings with Insulated Panels

Using insulated panels for your facilities can help you save a considerable amount of money. These panels arrive at your facility ready to assemble rather than having to be cut on site, which helps save on labor costs. They also produce a much lower amount of waste on site. This reduces the amount of money spent on waste removal compared to cleaning up lumber waste.

Having panels instead of lumber cuts down on the cost of construction in other ways as well. These panels are built in one step, which includes framing and insulating them. This faster building cycle keeps construction costs down. With these panels being straight and having uniform nailing surfaces, installing them is also done more quickly.

When you choose insulated wall and ceiling panels for your facilities, this can help you save money in the long term as well. These panels can help lower the amount of energy your facility uses on a regular basis compared to lumber. Having a lower energy usage leads to significant heating and cooling cost savings year after year.


Insulated panels provide a high degree of durability as well. Although they might cost more compared to previous years, their durability means you can expect these panels to last for many years. Once they’re in place, you shouldn’t need to replace them any time soon, especially if they’re well-maintained.

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