Common Sandwich Panel Handling Mistakes

Dec 24, 2018

As a leading manufacturer of the latest high-quality sandwich panel products, we’ve helped many companies choose the right systems for their facilities. But we also know that users can make mistakes in how they handle and install the product in their building. Some of the more common sandwich panel handling mistakes are;

Leaving panels in direct sunlight

Leaving a sandwich panel in direct sunlight for a long duration, prior to installation can cause the protective film to melt onto the metal surface. This can make it more difficult to remove the film later. Doing so can also cause the foam to turn yellow and lose its aesthetic value.

Placing panels in or near water

Even the toughest Rockwool panels can soak up water over a period of time. Be mindful of storing panels prior to installation in areas with significant moisture. Panels could be damaged when left or stored in areas with large volumes of moisture.

Stacking large numbers of panels

Stacking a large number of panels on top of one another can cause significant structural damage to each of the panels within the stack.

Allowing humidity into the warehouse space

When using a sandwich panel in a warehouse space, many warehouse managers make the mistake of allowing humid air into the facility. This can cause oxidization of the metal within the panels and lead to lasting structural degradation.

Setting panels on a sloped floor

Setting panels on a sloped floor is known to cause long-term damage to the sandwich panel. The panel will eventually bend due to its weight being focused on one area of the structure. Each sandwich panel is designed by the manufacturer to operate most effectively on flat and even surfaces.

Placing panels on the ground directly

Panels should never be placed on the ground outside the warehouse. If they have to be set down for a period of time, ensure that soft sticks are placed underneath to separate the panels from the ground, and to ensure any rainwater flows away from the panels.

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