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5 Reasons to Choose Plastic Wall Panels Over FRP in Commercial Kitchens

Panels used in commercial kitchens need to have surfaces that are easy to keep as clean as possible in order to reduce the risk of contamination and illness. These kitchens often have panels made from fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP). Although this material is easy to clean, it also has some disadvantages. Plastic wall panels for commercial kitchens offer several notable benefits compared to FRP. When you need panels for your commercial kitchen, consider the following advantages of plastic panels.

Simple to Clean

FRP panels aren’t the only panels that are easy to clean in commercial kitchens. Plastic PVC panels also have surfaces that are simple to wipe off and disinfect as often as needed in order to eliminate germs and other harmful particles. In addition, these wall panels have tougher surfaces that are able to withstand pressure washing without leaking or being damaged. They can also be cleaned with industrial cleaning products with no risk of damage. This helps ensure that your commercial kitchen is regularly disinfected and thoroughly cleaned for a safe and sanitary environment.

Resistant to Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew growth in commercial kitchens can be costly to remediate. In many cases, FRP panels, which can easily harbour mold and mildew, need to be removed and replaced. These panels can trap moisture and contain cellulose, resulting in the right environment for mold and mildew. Plastic wall panels do not provide this type of environment, allowing them to stay free of these growths. These panels don’t hold moisture or have cellulose that mold and mildew feed on.

Storage Space

Some plastic wall panels provide convenient storage spaces when they’re paired with other components or parts. For example, some panels can have shelves added or provide space for baskets and similar items. For commercial kitchens, this extra storage space is ideal for holding cooking equipment, utensils, ingredients and more. FRP panels do not offer this type of versatility, which can make them a poor choice for commercial kitchens.

Lightweight Design

The lightweight design of PVC wall panels makes them a good option for commercial kitchens. These wall panels can be moved if needed and are easy to install compared to FRP panels. An easy installation process means less disruption to commercial kitchens so that business can continue as usual. Being easier to install also makes plastic wall panels a more budget-friendly choice for commercial kitchen owners.

Highly Durable

PVC panels for commercial kitchens are made to be strong and durable. These wall panels are resistant to damage from sudden impacts from furniture, heavy equipment and other items. This results in a much lower risk of needing to have panels replaced or repaired compared to FRP panels. Since plastic panels are highly durable, you can also expect yours to last longer overall.

High-Quality Plastic Wall Panels for Commercial Kitchens

If you need to explore plastic wall panel options for your commercial kitchen, please contact Structural Panels, Inc. Our top-quality plastic PVC panels offer durability, easy maintenance and many other benefits when you use them in commercial kitchens. We have several panel options available to choose from, as well as wall trims, panel joints, edges and more.