What Are Class A Fire Rated Wall Panels?

Apr 11, 2024

In the world of construction, safety and durability are of paramount importance. This is particularly true regarding fire protection, as there is no bigger threat to any structure and the occupants within than an uncontrolled fire.  Fortunately, new building materials are emerging as practical solutions to the threat of spreading fires. Amongst the best options […]

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What Is a 1-Hour Fire-Rated Wall?

Dec 13, 2023

Regardless of industry, fire safety should always be one of the primary focuses for your business. Poor fire safety measures can lead to uncontrolled fires, which could destroy your property and risk the lives of your employees. When constructing a safe residential structure or commercial facility, fire-rated walls are emerging as one of the best […]

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What Is a 3-Hour Fire Rated Wall?

Nov 06, 2023

Modern construction has a greater focus on safety than ever before. Amongst these safety concerns, preventing unnecessary loss of life and destruction of property due to uncontrolled fires is considered a top priority. One of the most innovative and fastest-growing forms of fire safety is the 3-hour fire-rated wall. These specialized walls are designed to […]

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What Is a 2 Hour Fire Rated Wall? – Everything You Need to Know

Sep 08, 2023

Whether you are talking about a residential, commercial, or industrial building, fire safety should always be one of the primary concerns. Without the proper safety measures, fires can pose a serious risk to property, equipment, and lives. One of the fastest-growing forms of fire safety is fire-rated walls and fire-rated wall panels. These specialized walls […]

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How Fire Rated Wall Panels Protect Your Property, Your Product, And Your Workforce

Feb 22, 2019

If your production processes require dedicated hot rooms or involve the open use of fire or other high-temperature materials, then few things are more important than the construction of the rooms holding those elements.  You need fire rated wall panels capable of absorbing the heat, preventing its spread through your facility, as well as being able […]

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