How Fire Rated Wall Panels Protect Your Property, Your Product, And Your Workforce

If your production processes require dedicated hot rooms or involve the open use of fire or other high-temperature materials, then few things are more important than the construction of the rooms holding those elements.  You need fire rated wall panels capable of absorbing the heat, preventing its spread through your facility, as well as being able to contain an uncontrolled fire should one ever start.

Rockwall fire rated wall panels from Structural Panels Inc. are among the best on the market.  With superior heat and fire resistance and low long-term TCOs, they can protect your facilities and bring you true peace of mind.

How Fire Rated Wall Panels Keep Your Hot Room Safe

Rockwall is designed specifically to contain heat and fire, with a multi-layered design that creates superior protection.  At the heart of Rockwall is a mineral fiber core called Conrock.  Conrock is similar to other fibrous insulation systems, like fiberglass, but is far denser, more heat-resistant, and harder to melt.  Depending on your needs, this core can be either 4″, 5″, or 6″ thick – providing up to three hours of certified fire resistance.

However, Conrock cannot stand on its own, so surrounding the core are sheets of G90 galvanized steel.  This gives the paneling superior structural integrity while also adding additional layers of fire and heat resistance.  Together, they form one of the best all-in-one packages for the creation of safe controllable hot rooms.

Like Isowall, Rockwall has an R-value of 4.1 per inch, and unlike many other forms of insulated paneling on the market, it does not degrade or lose effectiveness over time.  The paneling is designed to be easy to work with, and installation does not require any specific expertise on the part of your contractor.  A simple tongue-and-groove system along the edges provides the connection.

If you are setting up both hot and cold rooms, Rockwall can also seamlessly connect to our Isowall insulating panels.

Rockwall is available in a variety of colors. The panels themselves can be smooth or embossed, with several profile types available as well.  Rockwall can easily fit your overall design aesthetic without compromising its heat resistance.

Turn to The Leaders in Insulated Paneling

Structural Panels, Inc, has over thirty years’ experience creating some of the best hot and cold paneling available on the market, as well as providing contracting expertise.  Contact us directly for a full consultation on your project.