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What Is a 1-Hour Fire-Rated Wall?

Regardless of industry, fire safety should always be one of the primary focuses for your business. Poor fire safety measures can lead to uncontrolled fires, which could destroy your property and risk the lives of your employees.

When constructing a safe residential structure or commercial facility, fire-rated walls are emerging as one of the best ways to contain and prevent the spread of fires.

Today, we are going to take a look at the 1-hour fire-rated wall. We will explain what these walls are and what role they play in safeguarding lives and property. From there, we will cover their benefits and how these walls are rated.

We will also look at one of the most practical and cost-effective ways to build these walls by exploring fire-rated wall panels.

What Is a Fire-Rated Wall?

Essentially, a fire-rated wall is a specialized wall specifically designed to withstand intense temperatures and direct exposure to flames. In doing so, they help limit the spread of fires.

Any fire-rated wall will be constructed of building materials that can withstand high temperatures without combusting or collapsing.

While all fire-rated walls serve the same primary function, they are given a specific fire rating based on how long they can withstand the high temperatures that occur during exposure to fire. Not only must the wall withstand direct exposure to fire, it must be capable of preventing the transfer of flames from one side of the wall to the other.

How Are Fire-Rated Walls Given a Fire Rating?

There are rigorous tests accredited professional organizations must conduct before a fire-rated wall or fire-rated wall panel can be rated. These tests expose the wall panels, bricks, or other building materials to intense temperatures and direct flames.

The actual composition of the fire-rated wall material or panel will play a significant role in determining its fire rating, thickness, and how the materials are layered.

What Is a 1-Hour Fire-Rated Wall?

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As the name implies, a 1-hour fire-rated wall is a firewall that can withstand one full hour of direct exposure to high temperatures and direct flames. They can be strategically built into a structure to provide a fire barrier to help slow the spread of fire and smoke.

While this alone will not prevent the building from burning, it can provide much-needed time for those inside to evacuate and the time required for first responders and firefighters to arrive on the scene.

What Is the Purpose of a Fire-Rated Wall?

Regardless of fire rating, all fire-rated walls are designed to serve three primary functions: fire containment, property protection, and life preservation.

As mentioned, a 1-hour fire-rated wall can contain a fire within a specific area. The wall acts as a fire-proof barrier, which slows the spread of the fire.

This provides occupants with valuable time to evacuate the building. Fire-rated walls can also reinforce evacuation routes, improving evacuation speed and allowing it to occur in a much safer and more controlled manner.

Naturally, fire-rated walls also help safeguard property. By confining the fire to a specific area for a set amount of time, fire departments have time to arrive and extinguish the fire. This helps minimize damages to the building itself and the assets within.

Fire-rated walls can also help a building adhere to fire code compliance, especially in buildings where fire safety regulation is strictly enforced. If they are used correctly, they can even help reduce insurance costs.

What Are 1-Hour Fire-Rated Wall Panels?

One-hour fire-rated wall panels offer a simple and affordable way to incorporate fire-rated walls into a new or existing building.

These panels can be used to create effective fire barriers in a much easier way than building a firewall from scratch. While 1-hour fire-rated walls offer a single hour of fire protection, fire-rated wall panels have more substantial and lengthier fire ratings.

Introducing Rockwall Fire-Rated Wall Panels

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If you require a reliable fire-rated wall panel that is durable and easy to assemble, Rockwall Fire-Rated Wall Panels stand out as the premier option. Rockwall panels offer an outstanding combination of fire resistance, energy efficiency, and visual appeal.

Why Choose Rockwall Fire-Rated Wall Panels?

Energy Efficiency

Rockwall Panels provide outstanding thermal insulation, which can help you reduce energy costs. Not only do they provide fire resistance, they can help you cut down on heating and air conditioning costs. The R-value of the panels is 4.1 per inch, and you do not have to worry about it depleting over the panels’ lifespan.

Visual Appeal

Rockwall panels have an aesthetic profile that makes them suitable for any application. They have a clean finish that can either be smooth or embossed. They are also available in various colors and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Ease of Installation

Rockwall panels are incredibly easy to install; their tongue-and-groove edges provide a simple fit. They can be custom-tailored to any height and width. They can even be field cut to accommodate features like windows, door frames, and vents.

Reliable Fire Rating

Rockwall panels are rigorously tested and hold Intertek/Warnock Hersey Certification. They are available in 1, 2, and 3-hour fire ratings with core thicknesses of 4, 5, and 6 inches. This allows you to choose a fire rating that meets your specific needs.

Unrivaled Versatility and Durability

Given that Rockwall panels meet CFIA standards for sanitation, they can be used in any type of building, including food prep facilities, agricultural farms, and health clinics.

They also offer outstanding chemical resistance and are incredibly easy to clean. Basically, they can provide insulation and fire resistance in any type of commercial building across just about any industry. For example, view just a few of our recent Rockwall projects.

Once installed, Rockwall panels offer a long-lasting life span. They are also completely maintenance-free, so you can clean them when required. It’s that simple.

Ready to Make the Correct Choice?

Learn more by looking at our detailed and informative Rockwall leaflet, or you can get in touch and tell us about your specific project and needs. We will gladly provide a Rockwall sample and a detailed explanation of how Rockwall Fire Rated Wall Panels can help you create a safer and more energy-efficient workplace.

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