Why Insulated Wall Panels Are an Excellent Choice for Thermal Control

May 01, 2019

When you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for containing extreme temperatures within a building, whether hot or cold, what’s the best insulation solution?  For an increasing number of businesses, it’s insulated wall panels. Insulated wall panels are distinguished from traditional wall materials by their construction.  These panels utilize a core of insulative foam surrounded by bonded […]

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How Fire Rated Wall Panels Protect Your Property, Your Product, And Your Workforce

Feb 22, 2019

If your production processes require dedicated hot rooms or involve the open use of fire or other high-temperature materials, then few things are more important than the construction of the rooms holding those elements.  You need fire rated wall panels capable of absorbing the heat, preventing its spread through your facility, as well as being able […]

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Why Isowall Panels Are Perfect for Your Food Processing Plant

Feb 12, 2019

Few things are more important to the proper functioning of your food processing plant than the temperatures within your facilities.  You must maintain extremely specific temperatures and humidity levels to continue providing food which is both safe and fully within regulatory guidelines – a task which can be difficult as your product moves through different […]

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Major Considerations When Planning to Build A Commercial Cold Room

Feb 02, 2019

If your facility requires a cold room, careful thought and planning is called for before construction begins!  Undoubtedly you need to keep your products at specific temperatures using the right insulated wall panels, and adhere to tight regulations, or – most likely – both.  Any error could have a major detrimental impact on your business, or […]

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How Isowall Panels Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Jan 25, 2019

Whether you’re building a new commercial facility or renovating an existing industrial structure,  an investment into CFIA-accepted Isowall panels can be one of the smartest decisions you make.  Thermal Isowall panels are affordable, even in large quantities, and can vastly increase the thermal efficiency of any building.  In turn, that leads to a wide variety of […]

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Common Sandwich Panel Handling Mistakes

Dec 24, 2018

As a leading manufacturer of the latest high-quality sandwich panel products, we’ve helped many companies choose the right systems for their facilities. But we also know that users can make mistakes in how they handle and install the product in their building. Some of the more common sandwich panel handling mistakes are; Leaving panels in […]

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A Guide to the Single Component System for Structural Insulated Panels

Dec 20, 2018

Choosing the right structural insulated panels for your facility can help to ensure the building performs effectively for your organization in the coming years. But in building the right structure, it’s also important to learn more about the materials and their value. Our team at Structural Panels, Inc. has many years of experience working with […]

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The Top 5 Sandwich Panel Design Options

Dec 17, 2018 2 Comments

Sandwich panels designed by a leading manufacturer provide the ideal performance for a range of applications. Their durability and design flexibility make the product a robust structural option. Once you’ve chosen the panel, it’s time to consider the available designs to use within your building. Our experts are known for their experience in the design […]

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