3d rendering of a modular classroom

Modular Classrooms

As educational professionals observe changes in the growth of student populations, they have to react to address the need for additional space. Doing this while working with a limited budget can be quite the challenge. That’s especially the case when you don’t have much time to upgrade your facilities. Accordingly, schools large and small often find that modular classrooms are their best option. Whether needed for a temporary situation or to meet an ongoing need, modular classrooms built with structural insulated panels give administrators and parents the peace of mind that comes from knowing their students have sufficient space to learn.

About Modular Classrooms

As the name indicates, modular classrooms are buildings whose structures are composed of prefabricated units. Talented tradespeople construct them in a factory in pre-determined standard sizes, shapes and configurations.

Benefits of modular classrooms include:

* Less expensive than customized buildings made one at a time

* Lightweight, built with transportation in mind

* Standardized configurations enable easy facilities expansion planning

Sometimes people think that modular classrooms are basically small trailers and therefore have no place in an academic setting. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Modular classrooms can be built in a range of sizes and shapes and can easily accommodate the larger size requirements of schools with students of all age ranges, K-college.

Structural Insulated Panels at the Heart of Prefabricated School Buildings

It pays to work with a company that uses only high-quality components in making modular classrooms.

You’ll find that structural insulated panels help a building be thermally stable, so power costs won’t skyrocket when using the heating or air conditioning systems.

Why Districts Choose Modular Classrooms

Modular classrooms are an appealing option to many school districts. As the Environmental Protection Agency noted, “Portable, or ‘relocatable,’ classrooms have been a feature of many school districts for years. From a district’s perspective, the two advantages of portable classrooms are low initial cost and the short time between specification and occupancy.”

A school may require modular classrooms to accommodate an influx of students in the district. Or, it needs to add more buildings fairly quickly, because the district has mandated a change in the student-teacher ratio, with fewer students in a room at one time with their instructor.

Sometimes modular classrooms are just the thing when a school wants to add laboratory facilities or to create a daycare center for students or employees with children.

They can be connected, so that instead of individual classrooms, the school has multiple buildings, such as to include classes, laboratories, office space, janitorial supply rooms, IT computer server closets, and even bathrooms and cafeteria.

All these scenarios are easily addressed with lightweight, easily constructed, durable, versatile modular classrooms.

Consult With Modular Classroom Experts

If you’re not accustomed to sourcing and buying modular buildings, you may have more questions before you can make a decision about what type to buy for your educational organization.

From explaining the details of structural insulated panels to how well these buildings stand up to the elements, our experts are standing by to guide you through the details. To learn more about our modular classroom options, please contact Structural Panels Inc. today.