What You Need to Know About Insulated Panels for Walls and Roofs

Insulated panels for walls and roofs provide stability, durability and other qualities for warehouses, factories and other facilities. These panels are made up of insulating core material, such as polystyrene, an inner shell and an outer shell. The design of insulated wall panels and roof panels help protect facility interiors from damage while providing superior insulation properties.

Uses of Insulated Panels

Insulated panels can be used in several types of businesses and industries, including automotive factories and construction facilities. These types of panels can also be used in residential buildings. Insulated panels offer soundproof properties, protection from the elements and protection from fires when fire-proof materials are used.

Insulated Panel Types

What types of insulated panels are available? Insulated roof panels can be used for roofing insulation or roofing. These panels are made to withstand heavy loads and adverse weather, including windy conditions and snowstorms. Insulated roof panels consist of a high ridge, low ridge and core, as well as overlapping flaps where panels connect.

 Insulated wall panels are another commonly used type of insulated panel. These panels do not have high beading or high ridges as roof panels do. Instead, they have a lined profile that provides a high amount of stability. Wall panels often have tongue and groove joints that connect them to adjoining panels. Insulated wall panels can also be used as floor panelling or ceiling panelling.

Insulated Panel Composition

Insulated panels have an outer shell with different layers that offer protection from corrosion and other outdoor hazards. The outer shell often has different materials and finishes than the inner shells, since it is exposed to different environmental conditions. Materials that outer shells can be made from include sheet steel, aluminum, stainless steel or glass fibre reinforced plastic. Different coatings are available for outer shells as well, including polyester, plastic coated and polyester with high durability.

The core part of insulated panels is able to provide reliable insulating properties due to protection from the outer and inner shells. Different types of materials can be used for the core, including polystyrene, polyurethane and polyisocyanurate. These materials provide insulating properties of varying degrees depending on their insulation value, or U-value.

Modifying Insulated Panels

Insulated panels often come in a specific range of sizes. In some cases, these panels need to be modified or cut in order to fit securely in place. Circular or plunge saws are sometimes used to cut these panels to the size needed. These panels must be modified or cut with the right tools in order to prevent corrosion from occurring at the cut edges.

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