What is a Portable Office?

It seems that everything is designed to be compact, versatile, flexible, and portable these days — from cellular phones to laptop computers to even exercise equipment. Noting all this, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn of another portable innovation that is becoming increasingly popular: the portable office. Constructed from structural insulated panels, the portable office is a prefabricated mini building that offers many advantages to a structure that is built via conventional means. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the portable office, the importance of its makeup, and more. Here’s a closer look:

Portable Office Basics

As we said in the opening, the portable office is a prefabricated structure that’s built similar to a conventional building. However, it’s built off-site and then transported to its final destination, hence the portability of it. Since these modular structures are built off-site and in a warehouse, they’re typically much cheaper to build. They also take about half the time to build compared to if it were to be constructed on-site. What’s more is that structural integrity is not sacrificed and, with the right vehicles and equipment, the office can move from one location to the next depending on the owner’s needs over time. It’s literally a facility that you can take with you wherever you go.

Importance of Structural Insulated Panels

As we said above, the structural integrity of a portable office isn’t sacrificed when it’s built off-site, and this is largely thanks to the building materials that it is constructed with. For instance, structural insulated panels are extremely important in the makeup of such an office. Since this type of office exists separate from home or main building, insulating properties are a must — both as it pertains to temperature and sound. However, at the same time, the panels have to look good and offer a professional and inspiring workplace environment.

At Structural Panels, Inc, there are a variety of panels that can be utilized in the fabrication of a portable office, including those that are fire-rated, those that are heavily insulated, and PVC panels to help keep moisture and other elements at bay. A portable office is only going to be a viable asset if it’s designed right and built to last. You can help determine this by ensuring you’re using the right structural panels when it is fabricated.

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