What a Portable Office Is

Sep 16, 2021

These days, the cost of construction is higher than ever. Between labor costs and the price of materials, it’s becoming more difficult to construct buildings and bring them in on budget. Thankfully, modern technology has offered a solution in the form of structural panels and modules. With the combination of this material and concept, it’s possible to build portable offices and other spaces in record time and at a reasonable cost. Note that modular portable offices are made with the same kinds of materials as non-portable offices, but with more benefits to the construction company and the owner.

What is a Portable Office?

First, it’s important to understand exactly what is a portable office. A portable office is a modular building that is modest in size; about the square feet of a standard interior office. It can be constructed atop a concrete slab foundation or another solid, flat surface. A portable office can be lifted and moved to another location, on a trailer flat-bed. Portable offices fit the nomad-like trend of modern society. They are ideal for anyone who wants to work off-grid, or who needs solid office space while a larger home or workspace is being constructed.

Benefits of a Portable Office

There are numerous benefits of a portable office. These many benefits are why portable offices have gained so much in popularity, and why they appeal to such a wide consumer base.


Portable offices and similar modular buildings are constructed with 100% reusable components. This means that if or when the owner wishes to deconstruct or alter the portable office, it can be done without trashing the components. Each component can be disassembled and reused in another modular building. This in itself helps to keep construction waste out of the landfills.

Fast Assembly

Portable offices can be assembled very quickly. Typically, a portable office will take no longer than half the time it would take to construct a similarly-sized building. This is because portable office components are manufactured off-site. They are then transported to the site and assembled. So by the time they do arrive on site, all that needs to be done is the assembly.

Less Expensive

As mentioned, construction costs have skyrocketed for a variety of reasons. Portable offices circumvent these problems because they cost about 50% cheaper than similar, on-site buildings. This offers contractors a way to widen profits while still allowing owners to reap gains in saved construction costs.

Structurally Sound Insulated Wall Panels

Because portable offices are designed with special needs in mind, they are very structurally sound. In fact, many consider modular buildings like portable offices to be stronger and more durable than on-site buildings. This is because the components are manufactured with the knowledge that they will need to withstand moving, assembling, and disassembling possibly many times in their lifespan. Essentially, portable offices are built to last.

Portable office structures can be used for a variety of purposes, such as art studios, in-law apartments, and much more. As construction costs continue to rise, portable offices and modular structures, in general, are also increasing in popularity and use. For more information about structural panels and portable offices, please contact your representative today.