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The Benefits of Portable Hygienic Partitions

The ongoing pandemic has been a reminder of just how important it is for building owners and employers to keep employees, customers, and patients safe from pathogens. Many facilities and workplaces have made changes to help curb the spread of viruses and other germs in these environments. Portable hygienic partitions provide a highly effective solution for creating separate spaces that protect against pathogen exposure. Learn more about how these types of Isowall panels can help make your facility or workplace cleaner, healthier and safer.

Simple Setup

Portable hygienic panels are easy to set up, which provides convenience for building owners and employers. These panels can be placed between dining tables in restaurants, desks in office environments, or waiting areas in healthcare settings. Since they are portable, they can be moved around or adjusted as needed.

Easy Maintenance

Portable hygienic panels are non-shedding, which helps prevent germs from spreading in workplaces and facilities. Cleaning staff can easily keep these partitions sanitized on a regular basis to further reduce germ exposure. Easy maintenance means these panels can be wiped down quickly from time to time or thoroughly sanitized at the end of the day depending on the environment. These hygienic partitions offer an effective solution for maintaining environments that are as clean as possible. 

Lightweight Design

Portable hygienic panels have a lightweight design that makes them easy to carry or move when needed. Rather than having to move heavy panels around, staff can conveniently move these lightweight, portable panels without any difficulty. This can help ensure that these panels are adjusted or moved around to provide optimal protection from pathogens in different environments.

High Durability

When you choose hygienic panels for your facility or workplace, it’s important to ensure that they will be able to withstand daily wear and tear. Portable hygienic panels have a high level of durability that allows them to be used regularly with a low risk of damage or extensive wear and tear. This durability helps ensure that they remain as clean and hygienic as possible. These panels are resistant to fading and other damage caused by the use of chemical-based cleaning products. They also resist corrosion from exposure to humidity or moisture, which helps them last even longer.

Versatile Usage

Portable hygienic panels are designed for use in a wide range of settings, from corporate offices and retail counters to hospitals and dining establishments. They can also be placed in multiple areas within the same facility or workplace as needed. Some panels come with caster wheels to make them easier to move from one area to another, which provides added convenience in larger facilities or buildings.

Portable Hygienic Isowall Panels

If you need more information on portable hygienic Isowall panels for your facility or workplace, contact Structural Panels Inc. today. We can help you choose the right panels to keep employees, customers, or patients safe and protected.