Structural Insulated Panels Are an Excellent Choice for Energy-Efficient Construction

It’s little wonder that construction companies of all sizes are looking for options in energy-efficient construction.  Energy-efficiency isn’t merely good for the planet, it’s also good business!  Lowered energy costs mean cheaper construction, and lower ongoing costs for the business owner.

If you’re looking for a construction option that reduces energy consumption in numerous ways, it’s hard to go wrong with structural insulated panels (SIPs).  SIPs are designed to provide excellent insulation, by sandwiching highly effective insulative foam between sheets of laminated steel.  However, that’s just the beginning when it comes to all the ways they reduce energy expenditure.

Four Ways Structural Insulated Panels Reduce Energy Use During and After Construction

  1. Excellent insulation

Starting with the basics, SIPs offer truly excellent insulative properties.  Depending on the material used in the foam core, they can handle a huge range of temperatures.  They are equally effective for containing an industrial hot room as they are keeping a family cool in the summer.  Their design makes them long-lasting and nearly impossible to damage, so they’ll continue to provide that insulation for many years to come.

  1. Rapid construction

SIPs are a prefabricated wall solution, utilizing standardized snap-in-place connectors on their edges.  This means that they allow from incredibly quick construction, requiring fewer people and fewer pieces of heavy machinery.  We’ve heard of homes being constructed primarily from SIPs in less than a week.  The energy savings at the front end are truly formidable – as are the cost savings.

  1. Low air infiltration

The big failing point of most types of insulation is that they are not perfectly constructed, with cracks of various sizes allowing air to pass through.  SIPs are almost totally impermeable when properly installed.  Beyond maintaining air temperatures, this also reduces the passage of humidity from outside to inside – further decreasing the burden on a building’s HVAC system.

  1. Minimal maintenance 

The laminated steel exterior of SIPs are naturally resistant to most kinds of grime, as well as any sort of mold, mildew, or other microbial infestation.  They are simple to clean with basic soap and water and require no other substantial maintenance.  So, their TCO remains low – as does their energy demands.

Structural Panels Can Help

Structural Panels is a world leader in the creation of structural insulated panels.  We have options to fit every need, including panels which can serve as firewalls for multiple hours.  Contact us to learn more!