Marijuana Grow Facility Buildings

Before medical or adult-use marijuana was legal in Canada, growers often put less thought into the smart design of a marijuana grow facility beyond “making sure the plants grow well” and “making sure no one finds out.”

Today, both of these factors remain important but for different reasons.

There’s less fear of law enforcement or nosy neighbors peeking in and discovering your marijuana grow facility, but security remains important as any legitimate business.

Growing good plants is also vital, especially since now that customers have more choices in their cannabis and access to a larger supply.

We’re now at a point where having less stress about laws can create better opportunities to focus more on better marijuana grow facility designs, either retro-fitting an existing growing operation or starting new, from the ground up.

This is where the services of Structured Panels Inc, can come in. SPI can provide a wide variety of CFIA accepted insulated panel building systems and related components that are affordable & useful for all sizes of marijuana facilities. The panels can mimic the plant’s natural environment and create a healthy environment for optimal growing conditions.

Our innovative panel system provides:

Structured Panels Inc. has worked on a wide variety of marijuana grow operations, so we’re happy to bring our expertise to yours, based on your timeline.