Major Considerations When Planning to Build A Commercial Cold Room

If your facility requires a cold room, careful thought and planning is called for before construction begins!  Undoubtedly you need to keep your products at specific temperatures using the right insulated wall panels, and adhere to tight regulations, or – most likely – both.  Any error could have a major detrimental impact on your business, or even bring about legal penalties.

There are numerous aspects to consider in the planning and construction of commercial cold rooms.  These are some of the most important.

  1. An Experienced Contractor

Constructing cold rooms is a very specific skill, and not every contractor has sufficient experience in doing so.  If you are thinking of hiring a general contractor, be sure to inquire into their relevant past work.  You may even want to hire a specialist in hot and cold room production, to take full advantage of their expertise.

  1. The Size / Capacity of The Facility

Cold rooms are not cheap to build, and they are even more expensive to expand.  Run the numbers in detail before making any plans, to ensure you have sufficient room to build and support your operations in years to come.  You will want to balance future capacity against the overall energy costs of maintaining the cold storage facilities.

  1. Looking for Opportunities to Cut Costs

The energy costs of a cold room will be considerable, so you will want to find ways to offset it.  LED lighting is a good choice here.  Also, pay attention to the doorways connecting your cold room(s) to other parts of the facility – poor choices could lead to significant inefficiencies.

  1. The Types of Insulated Wall Panels Used

Your insulated wall panels will often make or break the entire venture.  Are they rated to achieve the results you need?  Will their insulation degrade over time?  How much maintenance will they require?  It would be a very good idea to talk with your contractor and get an idea of how much they know about options in this field.  The wrong insulated panels can drastically drive up operating costs, or even potentially endanger your products.

Choose Insulated Wall Panels from Structural Panels Inc To Protect Your Product

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