Insulated Wall Panels Are the Next Big Thing in Building Insulation

May 09, 2019

Whether it’s for a home, office, or industrial facility, builders around the world are starting to choose insulated wall panels as the best solution for insulation and thermal regulation!  Without costing much more than traditional insulation, these panels offer numerous advantages, as well as extremely long lifespans – giving them exceptional reliability and ROI.

What makes them so attractive to contractors and other builders?  There are plenty of reasons.

Why Insulated Wall Panels the Next Big Thing in Insulation

What makes these wall panels unique is their method of construction.  They start with a foam core, made of any of several different foams known for being able to contain high temperatures, low temperatures, or both.  This foam core can also come in several different thicknesses, to increase its effectiveness in extreme use scenarios.

Then, the foam is sandwiched on either side by laminated sheets of steel.  The steel makes them exceptionally strong and resistant to damage.  Insulated wall panels can be expected to last the lifetime of a building; little short of the most extreme weather events or earthquakes can put a dent in them.

Along the edges, they utilize standard tongue-and-groove connections, making them simple to fit together.  No expertise is necessary to work with these insulated panels; any contractor or even DIY homeowners can handle them.

Added up, these innovations give them several big benefits over more traditional types of insulation:


  • High versatility.  Whether you need to construct a hot zone, a cold zone, or merely keep an office comfortable, there are paneling options to fit.
  • Extreme temperature resistance.  With varying core thicknesses, they can handle incredible amounts of heat or cold.  Our thickest hot panel can fully contain a raging fire for three hours!
  • Eco-friendliness:  Most insulated wall panels are made from recyclable materials, and can generally contribute to LEED certification programs.
  • Mix-and-Match: Do you need to create different temperature zones within a confined space?  The standardized connectors allow hot and cold panels to attach directly.
  • Minimal maintenance:  The laminated steel is difficult to stain, as well as being resistant to mold, mildew, and other microorganisms.  Cleaning is simple.
  • Multiple aesthetic options:  Wall panels can be had in any color imaginable, with plenty of finishing options as well.


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