Insulated metal panels Contribute to Sustainable Building Design

Sustainability is one of the most important factors in modern construction.  People expect their buildings to be long-lasting and relatively low-maintenance, capable of remaining cost-efficient for many years.  This can create a big challenge for architects and structural engineers – but it’s a challenge that insulated metal panels (IMPs) can help overcome!

What Are insulated metal panels?

IMPs are a form of wall which integrate both the structural and insulative elements into a single prefabricated unit.  They are made of two basic parts.  The interior is a foam core, which can be made of a variety of materials and thicknesses depending on the intended usage.  That core is then sandwiched on either side by laminated sheet steel panels to create an all-in-one design.

When the core is made of a mineral fiber, it can be extremely resistant to heat, as well as serving as a firewall.  These could easily contain heat within industrial hot rooms or cooking areas. Or, with more traditional insulating foam, they’re excellent at keeping cold rooms cold while preventing air transfer.

Or, of course, they can be just as effective in office buildings, apartments, houses, and any other construction where high-quality insulation is called for.

The Sustainable Properties of insulated metal panels

IMPs contribute to sustainable building projects in numerous ways:

  1. Long lifespan

Walls made of SIP can be assumed to last for the lifetime of the building.  With their steel exteriors, they’re nearly indestructible.

  1. Excellent insulation

IMPs are as good as, or better than, just about any other typical form of insulation available on the market.  The R-value is 4.1 per inch, and they can potentially be made up to ten inches thick.  Nor will that value reduce over time.

  1. Low maintenance

The steel exterior is resistant to fading, as well as being inhospitable to microbial life.  It can be easily cleaned with basic soap and water while requiring no other substantial upkeep under normal circumstances.

  1. Rapid installation

The prefabricated nature of IMPs, along with their standardized connectors along the edges, allow rooms – or entire buildings – to be constructed in a fraction of the time as traditional construction.

What this all adds up to is superior energy efficiency and a low long-term TCO, making insulated metal panels an excellent option for sustainable construction, as well as sustainable living.

To learn more about how IMPs are making sustainability achievable, contact Structural Panels, Inc!