Installing Factory Walls: The Benefits of Going Modular

Sep 29, 2021

When you need factory walls built, the main options include stick-built and modular. Stick-built walls can be difficult to install and come with certain disadvantages, such as preventing you from adjusting interior spaces. Modular walls offer a flexible option that can make it easier to change your interior space as needed over the years. Modular factory walls made of structural insulated panels provide even more benefits. Keep the following in mind when you’re deciding on walls for your factory.


One of the biggest benefits of using structural insulated panels for your factory walls is flexibility. These panels can be moved to a different location or put in different positions within the same area as needed. This allows you to make changes to the interior of your factory as needed. For example, if you need to divide an area up into smaller spaces, you can move your panels around. Stick-built walls are permanent structures that do not offer this flexibility. This can have a negative impact on your factory if you need to make adjustments for more efficient operation or similar reasons.


Modular factory walls can help factory owners save money. Since they can be moved around when needed, you don’t have to purchase new ones every time you want to make changes to your interior space. These panels are durable and can handle being moved around multiple times. When you make interior changes with stick-built walls, this involves removing the existing walls and having new ones installed. The cost of having to do this can end up being more than the cost of purchasing structural panels one time.

Durable Design

Structural insulated panels have a durable design that gives them a long life span. When you have these panels installed, you can expect them to last for years before you need to replace them. Their durability allows them to be moved or repositioned as often as needed over the years with a low risk of damage.

Fast Installation Process

Modular walls can be quickly installed, which helps minimize disruptions at your factory. These panels can be put together and prepared for installation before arriving at your factory. While the panels are being assembled, you can make sure the installation site at your factory is ready. This helps create a smooth and fast installation process overall. Stick-built walls have a much longer and more complex installation process, which can cause major disruptions at your factory.

Insulating Properties

Insulated modular panels help block sound and make it easier to keep rooms or areas heated or cooled efficiently. These properties can result in a better work environment for factory employees while also reducing energy usage. You can also adjust these panels as needed in order to get the most use out of these insulating properties.

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