How Isowall Insulated Panels Solve Challenges in Cold Storage Construction

Jul 15, 2019

If you need a facility capable of storing cold items or products, there are a lot of challenges to be overcome in design.  Traditional cold rooms are often cramped, energy-inefficient, and difficult to manage in a way which protects the vulnerable products inside.  In particular, the bigger they need to be, the harder construction becomes – and the more expensive the rooms will be to maintain.

At Structural Panels, Inc, we have a better solution to these problems: Isowall insulated panels.  These panels are constructed from a core of Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) foam, which can be up to 10 inches thick, sandwiched by laminated plate steel on either side.  This allows them to function as both wall and insulation in a single product while meeting all the needs of typical cold rooms.

Four Cold Room Challenges Which Are Solved by Isowall Insulated Panels

  1. Sufficient insulation

Problem #1 in making a cold room is keeping it cold while reducing energy use as much as possible. Isowall panels have an R-value of 4.1 per inch, and that value does not degrade over time. Isowall panels of sufficient thickness can keep even the coldest room cold with absolutely minimal thermal transmission.

  1. Energy costs

The high degree of insulation provided by these wall panels will also significantly lower your energy costs.  You may even be able to utilize smaller refrigerators than would be possible with more traditional cold room designs, without sacrificing efficiency.

  1. Cleanliness

Chances are your cold room will be holding products vulnerable to contamination, so your walls need to be as hygienic as possible.  Thanks to the laminated steel exterior, Isowall insulated panels are exceptionally easy to clean, with a surface that naturally resists mold, mildew, and other contaminants.

  1. Cost-effective implementation

Traditional cold rooms are expensive to design and build.  Wall panels greatly decrease those concerns!  They’re shipped from the factory pre-fabricated, and ready for installation.  Installation itself is quite easy, as the panels have standardized connectors along the edges.  The manpower required to put them in place is greatly reduced, and the overall build time is reduced as well.

Structural Panels, Inc. Can Make Your Cold Room More Affordable

We are Canada’s leaders in the design, manufacture, and implementation of insulated wall paneling, with over thirty years’ experience.  If your business operations call for a cold room, contact us to discuss how cost-effective Isowall insulated panels can be.