Five Big Benefits from Deploying Fire Rated Wall Panels

There are a lot of options on the market for providing insulation and fire protection to your business.  Few, however, offer the same all-around benefits as fire rated wall panels.  Featuring a thick flame-resistant core surrounded by sheets of laminated steel, these panels work as both walls and insulation in one.  They feature an R-value of 4  per inch and can be potentially anywhere from 2-10 inches thick depending on your requirements.

This adds up to a truly superior solution for insulation and fire protection, one which could benefit almost any business.

Five Reasons Fire Rated Wall Panels Make Sense for Commercial Construction

  1. Overall effectiveness

With a high R-value per square inch, insulated wall panels can meet or beat any other form of insulation currently available.  Further, their fire resistance also increases along with thickness. Sufficiently thick panels can hold backfire for hours, entirely containing a dangerous situation until you can extinguish the flames with no other damage done.

This makes them particularly well-suited for hot rooms or industrial areas where chances of fire outbreak are elevated.

  1. Ease of construction

Wall panels are pre-fabricated and arrive at a job site ready for installation.  They use standardized connectors on the edges as well, allowing them to basically just snap together.  They require far less manpower to install than traditional types of walls and insulation, leading to significantly lower construction costs.

  1. Versatility in application

While originally designed for industrial use, fire rated wall panels have found usage in almost every form of construction.  Their overall utility value is so high that they are effective in applications such as processing plants, restaurants, even in home construction.

  1. Attractive design

The panels themselves can be painted in virtually any color, and with various finishes available as well.  They can easily fit into almost any design scheme, without standing out as “industrial design” or otherwise detracting from your business decor.

  1. Added benefits

Along with their superior insulation properties, these wall panels are also excellent at providing soundproofing as well.  If you need to separate noisy industrial work from office work, fire rated wall panels prevent both sound and temperature transmission.

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