Advantages of Rockwall™ & Isowall® Insulated Wall Panel Systems:

  • R-value is 4.1 per inch and it doesn’t deplete over time
  • Our panels provide a contemporary, hygienic and modern aesthetic
  • No core gapping because we don’t use liquid insulation injection to fill the panel during manufacturing
  • You will save money on energy bills all year round
  • Panels looks as good as new for years with only minimal cleaning and maintenance
  • Can be made out of any available steel colour and interior/exterior colours don’t have to be the same
  • CFIA inspectors are quite familiar with our panels and their capabilities
  • Mold- and mildew-resistant
  • The savings in energy are a strong selling point for potential buyers if you decide to sell your space
  • CFC & HCFC free and environmentally friendly
  • Tongue-and-groove edges provide a snug, secure fit
  • Rodents and insects won’t burrow or take up residence within the panel walls
  • Contribute to LEED certification programs and the path to Net-Zero Energy targets